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3 min readSep 15, 2023


Hello everyone, it’s been a while we have reached to you from the Project Team.

With sincere apologies, we did not abandon. It has actually been very hectic for our team to deliver on our promises regarding the waves-scarcity concept of the project we embarked at. Previously, our team had made over 80% in developments of the decentralized — App (dApp), but we started having bottlenecks regarding tech & strategy (these were bunch of technical issues that foiled our efforts).

Also, our team had earlier achieved the custom token staking product (below image), but we had wanted more than what we got. Some users had also been staking the Fishfactory P (XFP) token via the dApp, but we’ve halted that product from the Frontend now and all pending stake will be distributed with accrued earnings.


As already said, we had initially rebranded earlier on, but couldn’t deliver on the project after the 80% developmental progress. For these reasons we took break, returned to our drawing boards and do some research. Now we are sure for a total rebrand in the followings:


Staw.Finance was originally born with the goal of building a dApp for a secondary level scarcity for $WAVES. We are thereby rebranding to STAAVA PROTOCOL.


Staava Protocol is an EVM-subnet with dApp toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed on the Avalanche-Go implementation. It’s an open blockchain built on blockchain that will facilitates an array of web 3.0 possibilities for organizations, businesses or individuals at defined entries.

Below are featured services on it:
#1. An ERC20 Custom Tokenization with ease of dApp.
#2. A Scarcity built-in Utility for SN-tokens.
#3. Smart Contract for DeFi purposes (e.g. staking, credits, nfts etc.).

More details will be found on the 👉 Staava Documentation


  1. Our team shall be rebranding and migrating the Fishfactory P (XFP) token to Fishfarm Token (XFT) on the Avalanche C-Chain and SubNET.
  2. Our team shall enable token swap from Waves Network to the Avalanche C-Chain AND shall further have an interoperability with Staava SubNET.
    👉 Our team shall NOT enable token swap from Polygon Network to C-Chain. All holders on polygon should tunnel to Waves using this tool
  3. We shall permit the transit for 4–6 months period. Migration to Avalanche-Go implementation is to harness the power of its EVM compatibility for smart contract on SubNET and also with the determined goal to develop a scarcity product on it.
  4. The original total supply of Fishfactory P (XFP) tokens (which is 100 billion) shall be reduced to 10 Million on the C-Chain & SubNET.
    👉 Ratio: 10,000:1 (i.e. every 10,000 XFP ⥬ 1 XFT.)
  5. The Fishfarm Token (XFT) smart-contract on the C-Chain & SubNET will be deployed with a recurring deflationary supply of 25% scarcity.
    👉 Staava Team will not distribute tokens. Holders of XFP will mint new XFT when they interact with an algorithmic bridge. Bridge shall burn their XFP and mint XFT on C-chain.
    👉 Fishfarm Token (XFT) shall be a VsT on Subnet to mint STAAVA (Read here)
  6. There is no pre-mint on Avalanche or SubNET
  7. Our contract is being built to be tamper-security proof and interacts with the Staava dApp for minting when certain conditions are met by users.

Summary on $XFP ⟷ $XFT

oldTicker: XFP ⥬ XFT (newTicker)
swapRatio: 10,000 XFP ⥬ 1 XFT
oldSupply: 100 Bln ⥬ 10 Mln
oldNetworks: Waves & Polygon
newNetwork: Avalanche C-Chain & Staava SubNET
recommWallet: Core Wallet, SafePal, Metamask etc.


  • Ensure your $XFP tokens are securely kept either on Exchange or custodian wallet.
  • Wait for Swap announcement
  • Can Trade with or for XFP
  • We are also working to ensure that XFT is listed early before SubNET.

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Staava Protocol

An EVM protocol with dApp-toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed with the Avalanche-Go. $STAV coins are MINTED by creating SCARCITY for on CHAIN Tokens.