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Staava Protocol
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

Blockchain is a Technology for livelihood. I believe it’s a solution for the emancipation of the common man on the street. — Josh. E.

Whereas Africans are playing a very vital role in advancing the space, Yet many Africans, Asians have been robbed of the knowledge, required to participate within the space productively. I want to thank very specially, those who are always contributing educational resources to the African spaces. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.

👾 Africans are first to invest in foreign project yet, they neglect their native solutions. I have Successfully studied multiple blockchains within the last 5–7yrs and from my research my team and I are launching a Pan-African Blockchain Solutions. We took implementations from Avalanche Go (One of the fastest BC), chainlink etc

Therefore, We have called it the Staava EVM Chain⛓️ and the native coin is Staava Protocol ($STAAV)

👾 Buying STAAVA is another opportunity that ETH, BNB, SOL, AVAX etc gave to people a few years ago. Don’t miss this for nothing. We are not the best of the best, But our uniqueness is being concealed in the concept of SCARCITY. Ethereum (ETH) was sold for $0.31 (now ~$2,300), BNB was sold for $0.15 (now ~$300), SOL was sold for $0.22 (now ~$98), AVAX was sold for $0.50 (now ~$35)… the list is on…

👾 STAAV will be sold for 0.0035 AVAX (~$0.12) on Avalanche C-Chain with a limited supply of 17.2 Million starting from 17th February. Thereafter, the cross-chain migration home (SE-CHAIN⛓️) will begin.

#1. VISIT https://staava.gitbook.io/staav/native-coin-staava
#2. Click on Testnet Parameters
#3. Choose the Wallet you intend to USE (Metamask or SafePal or TrustWallet)
#4, And add Staava Fuji to the network.
Watch this Guide (https://t.me/josh_staava/72) or This (https://t.me/josh_staava/60)
#5. Ensure you are participating from the wallet you submitted for testnet airdrop. You must have received 50 tSTAAV. If you don’t have tSTAAV, then request from admin on t.me/staavap.
#6. Send atleast 2 transactions to this Wallet address below:
Minimum: 10 tSTAAV in each transaction
#7. Return to this Form and submit the transactions Hash

All Participant will RECEIVE Airdrop of 50 STAAV (MainNET) after Initial Sales of STAAVA.

Find out reasons why you should Get STAAV here:
FAQ: https://staava.network/#faq
DOC: https://staava.gitbook.io
Testnet: https://testnet.staava.network
TG: https://t.me/staavap
News: https://t.me/josh_staava



Staava Protocol

An EVM protocol with dApp-toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed with the Avalanche-Go. $STAAV coins are MINTED by creating SCARCITY for on CHAIN Tokens