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Staava Protocol
2 min readMar 3, 2024

Community, it has been an awesome privilege on the part of our team to spearhead the development of the Staava EVM Protocol here in Africa. We make bold to say that we are the first EVM and fastest platform blockchain from among the blacks. If any already exit, its not to my knowledge. — Josh.E

➝ What is Staava Protocol?

The Staava Protocol is an EVM platform blockchain, developed with dApp toolsets for Web 3.0 solutions. SE-Chain is just as similar as Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain or Avalanche C-Chain with the ETHEREUM VIRTUAL MACHINE compatibility. We only differ in our Use-cases.

We have deployed (built with) the Avalanche-Go implementation. Therefore, It’s an open-source blockchain that facilitates an array of web 3.0 possibilities for individuals, businesses and/or organizations at defined entries. Staava EVM is permissionless. Please, 👉Read GitBook Documentation

➝ PUBLIC Update:

We kick-started our 15 days PUBLIC SALE on 15th March, 2024:
Started: 2024–03–07; Time: 10:00:24+01:00
Ending: 2024–03–22; Time: 11:00:23+01:00
Duration: 15 days 0 hours 59 minutes
👉 You can join the Public before it ends.

We have worked from a low budget for obvious reasons. In all labor there is profit, but mere talk tends only to loss. We have avoided VCs and we are building for the common man on the street. We ask therefore the same to come and understand the pursuit. OUR TEAM IS NOT DESPERATE.

All unsold allocation, will be available on our mainNET for FREE minting via our SCARCITY mechanism.
#To know how our scarcity dApp works,
👉 TRY Our Demo Calculator.
#Read FAQ on how our scarcity dApp works,
👉 Our FAQ Session.
👉 $FAAM (VsT) for dApp Minting before We are on MainNET.


Staava EVM Blockchain shall go live on MAINNET, on 25th, March 2024.
Staava Protocol team, shall release a cross-chain bridge for $FAAM, $XQN, $STAAV and AVAX after MainNET release.
Staava Protocol team, shall list to Xeggex. (More Updates to come when we have confirmed.)


Staava Protocol team, shall allocate testnet rewards in APRIL 1st.
➝ 50 STAAV will be available for Claim for all verified testnet activities.
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👉Telegram & Get 50 tSTAAV testnet task
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Staava Protocol

An EVM protocol with dApp-toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed with the Avalanche-Go. $STAAV coins are MINTED by creating SCARCITY for on CHAIN Tokens