Staava Protocol
2 min readNov 12, 2022


You can never do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fishfactory Protocol is just a few month from official launch of its dApp products. Our progress has not been steady as we planned it. But we are opulent in our goals and future to make changes and improvements.

Our Team, is preparing to join the WX.Network Contest on Tokenization. It also coincides with our planned rebranding. And, here it is.


🔹 Our team have forseen a need to rebrand our Project and also make some migrational changes. Within the Month of Nov — December, 2022; we shall be carrying out this processes and implementing these changes.


#1. Project Name:
The Fishfactory Protocol (oldName) shall seize to be the brand. The new is rebranded as: Staw.Finance

Staw.Finance is a community-served protocol, facilitating $WAVES scarcity, custom tokens stakes, credit facility and commodity market at defined entries.

#2. Proposed Product & Services:
The proposed products and services of the defunct protocol ( shall be migrated to for full development and deployment; as our team grows. All dApps shall be migrated, deployed and functional according to stipulated timeline. Below are services/products that shall be live on
i. Minting function
ii. Staking function
iii. Credit function
iv. Commodity Token function (RUFAAS) etc.

#3. STAW: The Governance Token:

STAW STAked Waves, is the governance token of Staw.Finance. STAW creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. It’s dApp mints STAW tokens when WAVES is locked.

Anyone can mint STAW tokens, just by lock-staking Waves and creating scarcity.
AssetID: GnZfWun9jhkC4mwLDRdQAEvGP2hHCwqxA8ycG9ijiFGv

#4. Migration of Fishfactory P (XFP) Token
Fishfactory P (XFP) token is Wrapped as wXFP and shall only be a commodity token for fishfarming at BFI FARMS. XFP is still stake-able and have been migrated under as a commodity token.


We have spooled STAW as one of the WX.Network token creation contest. We seek community support for tokens verification, which shall aid our chances of winning on the contest for STAW tokens. We also, hope to release the details on token’s mechanics and the dApp for STAW on at a future date.

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GOAL: Our Goal is to create scarcity for WAVES and generate value on waves blockchain.



Staava Protocol

An EVM protocol with dApp-toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed with the Avalanche-Go. $STAV coins are MINTED by creating SCARCITY for on CHAIN Tokens.