Fishfactory Protocol: Early Birds Farm Conscription.

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2 min readJul 26, 2021

Fishfactory Protocol is scheduled to launch officially in Q1, 2022. We have just concluded the first batch experimental fish farming that yielded over 35.1% profit yield from April — July, 2021. Read Reports here.

Early Birds Proposal

We are proposing an intent to run another batch of test farming with 10,000 fingerlings (plus 1000 mortality rate), starting from First week in August, 2021 and we are inviting community members to seize the opportunity to fish-farm for 12 weeks at the protocol’s test farm facility.

A maximum of 40 participants shall be required. And twenty million Fishfactory Protocol Tokens ($XFP) will be issued and distribute as stake for the farming yield on wavesplatform. Also, at the end of 12 weeks the farm produce will be mature as mid-range catfish valued at market 700 NGN/KG. Each participants will be required to claim his investment plus profit yield with the return of staked tokens for team burn.


Farming Period: 12 Weeks

Batch Stock: 10K fingerlings ($220)

Mortality: 10% {1000 fingerlings}

BFI Man-hours: 2 Workers {$240 for 12weeks}

4 Pond Rentage for the period: $200

Feeds for Mid-range catfish for 12 weeks: $1,340

Stake Supply: 20,000,000 $XFP @ $0.0001 (To be issued and distribute to participants as farm stake).

Minimum Invest: 500,000 XFP

Maximum Invest: 4,680,000 XFP

Note: Targeted yield is shared according to the stake held by individual participants at end of 12 weeks.

How to Participate in Pre-Launch Early Bird fish farm conscription.

#1. Submit participation 👉 form to register interest.

#2. Participant must buy a minimum of 500,000 Fishfactory Protocol tokens as farm conscription stake @0.0001 USDN. Note: the maximum buy allowable in this conscription per wallet or user is 4,680,000 Fishfactory Protocol tokens.

#3. The farm batch is started 1 week after 20 Million Fishfactory Protocol tokens is bought on Waves.Exchange.

#4. At 12 weeks, 100% Investment plus profit yield is combined together by team and placed over for claim via conscription tokens either on USDN or USDT pair. Any wallet with the conscription tokens is eligible to claim yielded USDT or USDN via DEX after announcement.

Tokens Details On Wavesplatform

Asset Name: Fishfactory P
Asset ID: 7A2btr8M427Di5BSJQws2zggHmX8mZZfvxaDxvoPAj5L

Issuance Block: Asset was Issued on block 👉 2694800

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This proposal has been updated with a progressive adjustment.
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